Owl Rock Capital AUM: $5.8 Billion?

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We calculate that Owl Rock Capital Partners, the rising manager of two non-traded BDCs, has as much as $2.18 billion of assets under management (AUM) as of June 30. When its commitments are fully called and invested, and the BDCs … Continued

Private BDCs are Raising a Lot of Money

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No longer are private BDCs just a way for financial advisers to inflate their commission checks. New non-traded BDCs are getting institutional support from big names. Owl Rock Capital (profile) is one such BDC. It has raised more than $1 … Continued


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After a long drought, The Carlyle Group successfully took its non-traded BDC to the public markets. TCG BDC, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol TGBD. We explored its short history in a write-up of TCG BDC. … Continued

BDCs Issue Low-Yield Bonds

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What would you want to be paid to lend to a BDC? It appears the answer is somewhere between 3.75% and 4.5%, based on recent filings by three BDCs that have dipped their toes into the convertible bond market. Hercules … Continued

This Week in BDCs — 12/17/2016

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The Top 5 Stories in BDC Stocks American Capital (ACAS) shareholders agree to its merger with Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC). This was the expected outcome, but it’s still newsworthy. This is Ares Capital’s second big merger in its history. Can … Continued